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At Intrigue, we believe that recognizing and rewarding employees for a job well-done translates into our success. These honored employees who served our clients with excellence, and excelled through their dedication, professionalism and integrity, are spotlighted here.  


Intrigue's Own Employee
Hall of Fame

As an Intrigue employee, the chance of being recognized on this page at the time of hiring is less than 10%. Only around 1 out of every 10 employees have met the qualifications over the years. The former employees that follow are known to us as the “Best of the Best”. Their work ethic and performance during their time with us far exceeded any of our expectations. Their dependability while at Intrigue as well as their professionalism, led directly to our success. They will never be forgotten and it was a great privilege to have known them. Aside from being recognized here, Intrigue Hall of Famers are entitled to a lifetime of free tanning at any of our salons. The combination of a hair and tanning business together at the level that we operate makes for a complex, fast paced and demanding job that many simply cannot do. The following girls were the “Best of the Best” of the ones that could.


Susan M. Livingston

 Nail Tech 

Air Brush Tanning Specialist

Salon Coordinator 

 Salon Manager 

  Salon Director

   "The Empress"

   2000 - 2016 


              Susan Livingston was not a part of the beginnings of our business known as Intrigue salon back in 1997. We were already off to a strong and fast start when she became a part-time receptionist in 2000. Unfortunately, due to relocating, she will also not be a part of the future here at Intrigue. But during the 16 special years in between she was very much a part of everything and anything there was about Intrigue Salon, and growing into a 2 salon operation would have been impossible without her.  It didn't take us long to realize that we had someone very special. In 2003 she became a licensed nail-tech. It would not be long after that she would move into management as our Salon Coordinator. Susan would soon prove to be loyal, dependable and steadfast in taking Intrigue to a higher level. A calm but steady presence, her work ethic and 7 years of prior business management experience ensured us the most dynamic and experienced management team in our history. Due in part to her drive and determination, Susan would be promoted again to Salon Director on August 1st of 2004, ascending to upper level management in less than a year.  Susan also temporarily held the title of Transition leader prior to her assuming the salon directors position during the early construction and hiring phase of the opening of our second salon in Steubenville. Her intense motivation during that time set her far apart from any other convincing us that she was the one for the top position. Aside from control of the day-to-day decisions, Susan was responsible for all aspects of Intrigues two salon operation consisting of two managers, a salon coordinator and up to twenty employees. She was accountable for the successful operation of both salons including sales, profitability and efficiency. She was very much involved with the hiring and training of the staff as well as the development and implementation of new policies. Susan cannot be replaced and will be forever missed. 

Ranked #5 all-time

  Melinda M. Adams
    Salon Manager
        Nail Tech
      1997- 1999

A strong leader whose tremendous contributions are still evident to this day. Mindy, who was rarely outspoken, set an outstanding example of employee Determination, loyalty, and Professionalism that helped chart the direction,  design, and policies of the salon.  Some of her early directives and memo's are still in use today and others serve as  guidelines. A major player in our salon's early growth,  Mindy set in motion ideas that helped take us where we are today, and instilled the confidence in us to make the changes that lead to our success. Mindy's loss during a critical time of rapid growth was only overcome by the presence of Amy Kavavagh, a rising leader herself who had worked and trained closely with her and was able to step up and keep us on course.  If not for that transition, our salon may have collapsed.  Although she never met any of them, those who follow on this page excelled because of Mindy and the standards she set and upheld while at our salon. She became the yardstick by which all others would be measured. Mindy, her husband Keith, and daughter Lexi, are residents of Cincinnati Ohio.
                                             Thank You Mindy!

Ranked #8 all-time

   Tracy L. Donnelly

Kindness and sincerity,  best describe Tracy. 
A loyal,  hard worker that had a very pleasant manner with both clients and employees.  Always on time and always professional.  Through her efforts, Tracy made Intrigue a better place to work and visit.  She was dependable and invaluable, and was always consistent in all that she did. 
                                        Thank You  Tracy!

Ranked #3 all-time

RoniLee "Roni" Bennett
         2001 - 2003
Responsible, Loyal, Friendly and Helpful.  A gifted worker,  Roni was able to maintain her composure during the fast paced, hectic situations that she faced during our busiest years.  She was able to handle problems exceptionally well and was a great addition to our salon.  Experienced and dependable,  her absence leaves a void which will not be filled easily. For many years she was the most reliable employee that ever worked at Intrigue. Roni missed no days during her 3 year span with us and her duration of perfect attendance remained unmatched for nearly 6 years after her departure. Her perfect mark would finally fall in 2009 to  Hall of Fame receptionist Amanda Crowe who holds 4 all-time salon records.   Roni is a pharmacist in Pittsburgh, PA.
                                                                              Thank You  Roni!

Ranked #4 all-time

Lydia M. Salomone
     2002 - 2003
    Summer, 2004

Always a smile, always courteous, Lydia always set a fine example for customer service and is still known today as the friendliest employee of all.  Lydia always had a cheerful approach to everything, regardless of the situation.  She has done much to give our salon its reputation for friendliness and professionalism and it will be a challenge to maintain that without her. 
Loyal, motivated, and dependable, 
Lydia never missed a day of work, recording perfect attendance for 2 years and 1 summer. She could always be counted on in any situation and we doubt that anyone can replace her.  Lydia is now a registered Nurse in Columbus Ohio...

                                 Thank You Lydia!

Ranked #13 all-time

Tiffany K. Borsch
   2002 - 2004
A very hard and consistent worker, Tiffany was a great asset to our staff at Intrigue. Never one to shy away the hard fast pace she would face daily, Tiff's work ethic and sense of humor are still missed to this day.
                                               Thank You Tiff!

Ranked #6 all-time

 Alison "Ali" Roush
      2003 - 2004

A true all around performer with a special personality.   It is not enough to say that Ali will be greatly missed.  Great organizational and communication skills,  Ali leaves us wondering if she can ever really be replaced. When needed, Ali could always be counted on and was able to take on new tasks and changes with little difficulty. A graduate of Indian Creek High school, Ali now resides in Columbus Ohio where she is employed as a Hair Stylist for Charles Penzone. We have no doubt that she will succeed.
                                    Thank You Ali!

Ranked #9 all-time

        Lauren E. Roush
            2004 - 2006
          Summer 2007

Ali and Lauren
Ali and Lauren at work in 2004

History at Intrigue salon has determined that an employee at the time of their hiring has less than a 10% chance of achieving the qualifications needed to be honored on this page. Long odds by any stretch of the imagination. But Lauren and her sister Ali before her were both able to pull it off. Sandwiched between the "Great 5" this sister duo made their own lasting imprint on Intrigue and could hold their own with anyone. Around the time when we began to plan for the loss of Ali Roush, her younger sister Lauren
would emerge with the huge task of following not only a Hall of Famer, but also the added pressure of following her older sister. She would not disappoint. Aided by her own strong work ethic and motivation, and the one on one training she would receive from her sister before she left for college, Lauren would go on to become a dependable and versatile receptionist in her own right. It would be impossible to choose between them. Like some of the others on this page, it would not be unusual for Lauren to close one shop at 9pm and open the other shop at 9am the next morning. Not an easy task for most and a rare request for the average receptionist due to the extra training involved in the process. It was an honor to have these two girls here, and Intrigue will never be quite the same without them. Lauren is currently a student at Ohio State.
                                         Thank You Lauren!

Anthipe "The Great" Ranked #10 all-time

           Anthipe Te' George
       Managing Cosmetologist
             Salon Manager
                2004 - 2006

The driving force behind the stability of our Steubenville salon in the early going, Te' George leaves not only a void in our staff, but a void in the hearts of those she touched. To watch Te' in action during a busy day was to watch a true professional at work. A manager who not only could keep the front desk and Tanning area of the salon functioning but also at the same time was able to manage the coordination of our busy Hair area as well. It is easy to say, that few others could accomplish that task. A wiz at appointment making not seen in our salon since 1997 with Mindy Adams, is yet one of many more tributes that Te' has earned.  A true cosmetology industry professional in every sense of the word that we are proud to say, worked at Intrigue. Te' is now a resident of Chicago, Ill.
                                             Thank You Te'!

Ranked #1 all-time (Tie)

 Annie M. Straney-Fithen
        2002 - 2007

We certainly look back on Annie Straney now as being the best receptionist to have ever worked at Intrigue. In 16 years only Hall of Famers Amanda Crowe and Annaleah Miravalle have challenged her legacy.  Annie's four years and four months with us, spanning nearly half of our existence as of this writing, is more than we could have asked for. Annie was not only a great receptionist, but also a great person. Her loss here will be felt for some time to come and it went beyond the front desk. Her smile and pleasant personality as well as her professional approach, are just a few of the things that we will miss about her. One of Annie's strongest characteristics was that she demonstrated a genuine concern throughout the years of the impact that necessary schedule changes that she needed to make as she went through school, had on us. An employee trait rarely, if ever seen. Annie was without question the best at professionally handling phone calls and the client interactions she faced on a daily basis. To say she was helpful when it came to customer service would be an understatement. Annie also served as the "Voice of Intrigue" on our answering machine greetings for several years. Annie was also the all-time retail selling receptionist. Annie's legacy here was written during a scheduling crisis in mid May 2003 when the full-time day turn position needed filled unexpectedly in the summer. Annie who had been working part-time on the night shift, stepped up became the youngest person ever to take on the most challenging position here. We will never forget her for that and will always be grateful.
         It must also be noted that it was Annie who would play a major role in the training of Susan Isler when she first started as a part-time receptionist.  Today, Annie is a Dental Hygienist. Although we will miss her, we wish her nothing but the best.
                                                  Thank You Annie! 

Ranked #11 all-time

The "Great 5" together again. Annie's Wedding 2007
Amy (5th from left) reunites with the "Great 5" Lydia, Roni in back, Renee, Tiffany, Amy and Annie.

Renee M. Potenzini
     2003 - 2007
Renee Potenzini brings down the curtain on a very special group of girls who will forever be known to us as the "The Great 5".  A  group of great friends, great girls and "great receptionists" here at Intrigue Salon. A unforgettable time here set in motion with the hiring of RoniLee Bennett in 2001, and the consecutive additions of Lydia Salomone, Annie Straney, Tiffany Borsch and finally Renee. These 5 girls had such an incredible impact on our success that were not sure they even realize the extent. Let there be doubt that they were a major factor in setting us apart from our competition. We simply could not have operated at such a fast pace and high level of efficiency without them and they are all now enshrined "Hall of Famers" that will always be remembered at Intrigue Salon. They were all graduates of Catholic Central High school and they all had individual strengths that set them apart from all others. It was a 6-year succession with one training the other and any others hired in between that guaranteed consistency at our front desks.
They were all very intelligent and professional girls who could make a difficult job look easy. Although they have moved on with their lives they remain great friends and nothing will ever change that. No business in our opinion has ever had the luxury of having co-workers perform at such a high level of consistency, near perfect attendance, dependability and customer service, and we had 5 of them in order. It has taken years to replace any of them. Renee's friendly smile, experience and politeness will be greatly missed at our front desks in both Wintersville and Steubenville. She had the capability to open or close either of our salons and did so many times in the nearly 4 years she was with us. Renee earned a degree from the Franciscan University of Steubenville in accounting, and is now a resident of Columbus, OH. We wish her the best of luck.
                                       Thank You Renee!

Ranked #12 all-time

Maria Dicarlantonio
     2005 - 2008

Maria joins some of her former co-workers in a permanent acknowledgement of a job well done with Intrigue Salons. Only 4 others on this page have served longer than her and although she closes this chapter of her life her future is bright. Maria was with Intrigue since she was a sophomore in high school and we miss her presence always. Maria moved to Columbus and is a graduate of the Ohio State School of Cosmetology.
                                  Thank You Maria!

Ranked #7 all-time

   Beth E. Lefever
    2008  -  2010

Beth Lefever becomes only the 12th employee and first since 2008 to take their place in Intrigues Hall of Fame, certifying her as one of the salons top employees ever. All employees honored here had at least one quality that set them apart from their peers and Beth was no exception. Not since Annie Straney who is still considered our all-time best receptionist, have we had such a degree of professionalism greeting our clients, as we have had with Beth. She, just like Annie before her was also an excellent and thorough trainer of new employees and we will miss those traits dearly. It should also be noted that there was no drop in performance with Beth as she balanced a vigorous school and work schedule during her tenure at Intrigue. The time for Beth to put her Bachelors degree in business management to work has come, and we wish her all the best.

                                                Thank You Beth!

Ranked #2 All-Time

 Annaleah L. Miravalle
       Summer 2011

17 year old standout receptionist Annaleah Miravalle will be forever known to us as the one who unknowingly challenged and nearly stole the mystique of Intrigue’s best ever employees. She re-wrote the order of the top three receptionists for the first time in 13 years finishing near the top. Never before had we seen a receptionist who was able to put all aspects of the salon receptionist position together so quickly, efficiently and as well as Annaleah. And she did it all while double majoring at Franciscan University. She was training new employees, a task always reserved for managers or the most senior employees at 4 months, when the average person is still in training themselves. She was as friendly and professional as anyone we ever had and her loss touches all aspects of the business. She would always come in when called no matter the time of day and that alone is hard to find. She was an outstanding person with immense talent and everyone that met her knew she was special. She must leave us for College in Florida and will be greatly missed.
                                                        Thank You Annaleah!

Ranked #1 All-Time (Tie)

  Amanda M. Crowe
"Amanda the Great"
      2007 - 2011
    Summer, 2014

Defying all odds record setting receptionist Amanda Crowe would go her entire Intrigue Salon career, the longest receptionist on record at 4 years and 6 months, without missing a single day of work. That represents such a rare and historic mark at Intrigue and probably anywhere else that we are confident the feat may never be seen here again. She left all  including Hall of Fame managers, cosmetologists, the owners themselves, and countless receptionists in her wake. She went month after month, then year after year without an absence through high school, cheerleading, games, competitions, illness, accidents, graduations, and then her first two years of college without a blemish. The extremely reliable and dependable girls honored on this page great as they were, could not match her stamina, durability and retail selling power. Her work ethic, self discipline and maybe a little luck all contributed to her perfect attendance record that we remain in awe of. A seemingly long shot for the Intrigue Hall of Fame during her first year, Amanda’s almost unnoticed perseverance never wavered as she quietly built the most impressive receptionist legacy on record here since 1997. Dependable, reliable, and loyal, are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing her. Amanda’s contributions at Intrigue did not end with her perfect attendance, they only began.  She was a quiet presence who never complained and never involved herself in the gossip. She was always there for us when we needed her, working countless extra days and overtime. She was the top retail selling receptionist of all time breaking Annie Straney’s record with months to spare.. She was only the second receptionist ever to be the monthly top retail seller of both salons combined. That mark was usually reserved for the top cosmetologists, but Amanda did it twice, winning back to back in 2010 and had numerous runner-up finishes as well. She will end her Intrigue salon career as the holder of four of the five known receptionist’s records on file. Those records were previously held by three different Hall of Fame receptionists. There may never be anyone again like Amanda Crowe, and in her honor and so as to never forget her great accomplishments here, an award in her name will be awarded annually to the employee with the best attendance record. No other of the near 120 employees in our history has such an honor.
                                                      Thank You Amanda!


  Kira A. Anderson
      2010 - 2014

On April 25, 2014 we had to say a sad goodbye to another Hall of Fame receptionist at Intrigue salon. Kira was the third most experienced receptionist in our history behind only Amanda Crowe and Annie Straney. She provided a comfort level for all of us that cannot be replaced with ease. Her professional customer service combined with her vast knowledge of the job creates a huge void in our operation. That, combined with her extreme dependability was her ticket to this honor. The ability to open or close either of our salons and the know how to close the cash drawer in a pinch positioned Kira only steps from a management position. We will miss her terribly but wish her nothing but the best as she moves into her new career. Kira is now a licensed Medical Laboratory Technician in Newark, OH.
                                                         Thank you Kira!

Qualifications in order to be considered for Intrigues Hall of Fame consist of, but are not limited to. At least 1 year of continous employment. Demonstration of Honesty and loyalty. An excellent attendance record. Employees who stepped up when needed to work over their scheduled shift or extra days. Good interpersonal relationships with clients, co-workers, and management. Demonstrating traits that sets one apart from another. The ability to work unsupervised without problems. Employees with no serious salon violations on file. NOTE: Employees who leave for similar employment or a similar paying job are not eliglbe. Final confirmation is based on a majority vote of the 5 current members of management. All positions of employment are eligible, including managers, cosmetologists and receptionists.